Wednesday, January 05, 2011

My Left to Write Book experienced this nifty mom's book, Take the Cake. It brought back such memories of being the multi-tasking mom, full-time volunteer, professional speaker and grad school student. Child rearing years may be the busiest of your life! All moms (and dads) struggle with priority setting and getting it all done.

From the lofty perch of my sixth decade, life appears differently. Now I have long done priority setting seminars but I acknowledge that at this point in my life priority setting is genuinely easier. Rejoice!

But for those of you still struggling to manage your time and your life my online course is coming to the rescue! The Last Time Management Course You Will Ever Need will be on this site and available to you this month! Stay tuned. Help is coming!

Take the Cake is provided to the members of Write to Left who agree to write posts inspired by the book. We do not review the book.

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BrendaWednesday, January 5th 2011 4:49PM

Very funny!

Left to WriteWednesday, January 5th 2011 2:11PM

The difficulty is that I'm left-handed and also dyslexic.  For the first 10 years or so of my life, I worshipped DOG.  My wife still accuses me of adhering to that priority, even in retirement, when schedules are not nearly so demanding.