We're LIVE!

Rain and hail in Beulah Land, my website is actually LIVE!

With great pleasure and excitement, this BLOG begins today. I covet your comments, reactions, feedback. Bring it on! Ok, don't bring it on too hard and too fast; consider that I'm new at this.

The chapters of my upcoming book are published under Articles. Comments on any of them are welcome here on the BLOG.

We will be talking about defining your values, relationships, writing, speaking, living through all that life tosses out and anything else you want to talk about.

Yes, I am available to speak at your next event. See my sample list of clients, topics I speak on and media gigs I have done. Then shoot me an email or use the Contact page. I will get back with you immediately.

Welcome to www.brendabartellapeterson.com!

updated: 8 years ago