Learning from Writing Memoir

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Learning from Writing Memoir
Writing memoir is not always easy. Writing memoir is not always fun. Writing memoir most always is necessary! And, perhaps, the greatest benefit comes to the writer rather than her readers.

Telling your story is literally that---YOUR story---no one else's story. I love the concept as addressed by one memoirist whose name I don't remember: "Everything is the book is true and some of it may even be factual." Memoir is your Truth.

Start yours today.

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Writing MemoirsTuesday, March 9th 2010 10:27PM

Indeed, every piece of fiction has an element of the writer in it, sometimes factual, but if it is good, then the truth -- as much as we know it.  Mark Twain's famous quip to the effect, "Facts are so limiting and get in the way of a good story," says it best for me.  That's why William Faulkner is such a germinal writer for me.  His stories of the Sardis family and other tales have much in the way of displaying human nature--not always pretty, but very truthful on a deep level.  Keep it up Brenda.  You are doing what many of us would like to do, but don't have the courage to commence.

Thanks for comment. I have to admit, writing memoir does take courage. It is facing the deepest corners of your being and putting words to the cobwebby matter you find there.