Girlfriends get you through life!

Girlfriends get you through life!
What a delightful experience speaking to the local Chix in Biz yesterday. In the company of women who gather to support and enhance each other's lives, I am reminded of the importance of girlfriends along the journey. In my personal journey nothing rises to the level of support, love and personal growth that I have received from girlfriends. I can't attest to whether guys enjoy this same bonding, I can only speak to what I know.

Not all women's groups accomplish this sense of comaraderie without the competitive cat fight. I commend those who do. The road for women in the history of humankind provides enough obstacles for women without us adding bumps for each other.

Reach out to a girlfriend today. Listen, support and encourage.

For more on The Value of Friendship see my article by that name under Articles.  

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Linda Carruth DavisTuesday, July 28th 2009 6:11PM

Slowly, I am finally building a group of supportive friends down here in s. ga. My girlfriends saved my sanity and probably my life. That easy comraderie..the ease of accessibility we shared and took for granted is the one irreplaceable thing I will never stop missing. Tho' I must say, being married to my best friend is the next best thing and a whole new way of life for me. God..what a fabulous man! But hey, sometimes I even need to gripe about HIM...THAT's when I need the girls. Thank God for email

IlinaThursday, July 16th 2009 7:27PM

Here's a post I wrote about my own girlfriends. What sacred relationships we have with the women who move and support us.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ilina. Have you read The Girls from Ames?