Tell Your Story in Six Words

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Tell Your Story in Six Words
When Ernest Hemingway was challenged to tell a story in only six words, he came back with "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

Wow! What would you say if challenged to tell your life story in only six words.

Here's my attempt:

Challenges overcome; lifelong learning; limitless love.

Ok, I'm not Hemingway so stay tuned for the fuller version in my upcoming book.

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BrenThursday, September 2nd 2010 11:28AM

I think I know the person portrayed in those six words.

John Lynner petersonThursday, September 2nd 2010 10:55AM

Eyes open, intuition keen, image made

linda carruth davisFriday, July 23rd 2010 8:52PM

mercy deliverance grace
roots wings space


Six WordsTuesday, March 9th 2010 10:30PM

Obey my wife; Walk the dog

Six WordsMonday, August 17th 2009 7:50PM

My life's desire: embody God's grace

I love this one. Good job.